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Book of Palms Volume 02 The Caribbean

50 USD

Featuring: Balmyard Beauty, B&B Studio, Björn Wallander, Boa Design, Bonne Maison, Group Partner, Franz Lang, Jade Mountain, Julian Prince, kfks, Marina Pcheliakova, O!Oi, Projekt Inc., Project M Plus, Simone Norohna, Skinny Dip London, The Hillside, Tiguere Corp,
Tres Tipos Gráficos, Venessa Rosely

Limited-edition of 150 books. 

10% of sale will be donated to DirectRelief charity to help deliver aid to Puerto Rico.

Hardcover, clothbound
6.9 x 9.85in
200 pages, full-color
Postcard insert
Cover and spine stamp with holographic foil

For Print Only: A Division of Underconsideration
People of Print
AIGA Eye on Design
SF Girl by the Bay
Good Design Makes Me Happy

Each volume of Book of Palms is structured around a specific region and is created in collaboration with artists, entrepreneuers, designers, illustrators and photographers from around the globe.

Beautifully printed on fine papers, Book of Palms broadens the idea of what a book can be, engaging its readers through interviews, photo essays, products and works connected by nature.

Book of Palms has been featured on For Print Only, SF Girl by the Bay, AIGA (the professsional association for design), Good Design Makes Me Happy, People of Print, Tictail's Best of Print Collection and The Library Project. It was exhibited at The Vancouver Art Book Fair (Vancouver, 2016), Fully Booked Art Book Fair (UAE, 2017) and The Cologne Art Book Fair (Germany, 2017).

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