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PRE-ORDER Book of Palms Volume 02 The Caribbean

50 USD

Featuring: Balmyard Beauty, B&B Studio, Björn Wallander, Boa Design, Bonne Maison, Group Partner, Franz Lang, Jade Mountain, Julian Prince, kfks, Marina Pcheliakova, O!Oi, Projekt Inc., Project M Plus, Simone Norohna, Skinny Dip London, The Hillside, Tiguere Corp,
Tres Tipos Gráficos, Venessa Rosely

Limited-edition of 150 books. 

10% of sale will be donated to DirectRelief charity to help deliver aid to Puerto Rico.

Hardcover, clothbound
6.9 x 9.85in
200 pages, full-color
Postcard insert
Cover and spine stamp with holographic foil

For Print Only: A Division of Underconsideration
People of Print
The Library Project
SF Girl by the Bay
Good Design Makes Me Happy

Concept, words and design by Kimberly McGuire<br><br>Introduction edited by <br>Giles Jacknain<br><br>Illustrations by Simone Norohna and Alice Tye<br><br>Website proudly running on Tictail<br>